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  72 Hour Film Challenge


Our group of Filmmakers created short films within a 72 hour production window. Then we asked them to create a trailer for their short. One Filmmaker will be awarded a CASH prize for Best Trailer.

Facebook voting only. To vote, you must login to BattleReels using a FaceBook account.

The number of votes each trailer receives WILL BE CAPPED at the number of views each trailer receives. View the trailer before you vote!

VOTE, then visit for tickets. Advance $5 (ends 2 Mar). At-the-door $10.

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Consequences (46)
Never Caught A Thing (26)
Fallen Angel (22)
Not Without My Guitar (14)
Discipline (9)
Bundle of Joy (8)
Lessons in Superhero-ism (8)
The Accidental Coterie of Imagined Fancies and Grotesque Delights (4)
The Case of the Star of the North (4)
Interview with the Exorcist (3)
Nevada Jones : Abducted (3)
What the Fuzz! (2)
Father (0)
Our Song (0)
Semi-Final Final
Consequences (48) Consequences (68)
Fallen Angel (18)
Never Caught A Thing (42) Never Caught A Thing (34)
Not Without My Guitar (34)